Coaching and Psychotherapy for ADHD

From Overwhelm to Calm

ADHD Coaching and Counseling to Align Your LIFE


You are more than an ADHD diagnosis.

Your life feels like chaos and people keep telling you that you just need to fix your ADHD. You have read various books, have tried the medications, and have written things down. Truth is, if there was just some simple fix, we all would have done it by now.

Life keeps moving. You have your career and family but in spite of the success you have achieved, you know you haven’t really been and done all that you could. Every thing feels hard. You feel lazy, overwhelmed, behind, and envious of everyone else who seems to have it all together.

You want to get things done, to finish what you started. You want your world to feel organized and just easier.

You are not broken and you don’t need to be fixed. You need something that is lasting and permanent - TRANSFORMATIONAL.


Unlock Your Superpowers

Through coaching and therapy, I help adults who have ADHD through a highly customized process that will take you beyond checklists and organizers and into creating lasting change.

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Phase 1: Clear

In our first sessions, you will develop your ADHD toolkit. We move beyond the "just do this" approach and into understanding what will work for your brain. Within the first few sessions you will start to experience relief so you can move into the next phase.

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Phase 2: Connect

After integrating the ADHD tools, we will take the next few months to dive deeper. In this phase you will let go of the diagnosis and discover your Truth, what really makes you. Get ready to discover and use your superpowers in your day to day life.

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Phase 3: Align

This final phase is where the magic truly happens. In our final months together you will shift your life to align with the vision of who you truly are. No more chaos, no more overwhelm, say hello to a meaningful, confident life that you are proud of.

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I know you because I am you.

Hey, I am Krista Kilbane, former special education teacher, current psychotherapist and life coach who specializes exclusively in helping driven, successful adults conquer their ADHD.

Oh, and I have ADHD.

For years I have developed a process to truly help people have a more aligned life, full of truth and stripped of the messages that you are broken.

 Bye Bye ADHD. Hello Real Transformation.

This is it. It’s your time, to have the life you’ve wanted. It’s time to be more than a diagnosis. It’s time to stop feeling less than and settling. You are here because you are ready to get out of overhwelm for good. The next steps are easy. Click the button below to book your appointment for a virtual or in office appointment.

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